An End to Coal

The masthead for this website says ‘No Opencast Coal!’ But that doesn’t mean that everyone will share the view that opencast coal mining, in this country or globally, should immediately cease, and that there should be … an end to coal.

– Some campaigners will believe that coal, as the most carbon-intensive fossil fuel, must be ‘left in the ground’, which means that opencast coal mines will need to be closed down.

– Decision-makers and politicians, in the EU and UK, have now agreed that ‘unabated’ coal powered electricity generation (from which the carbon emissions had not been captured and stored – CCS) has to be phased out, with the least efficient power stations being progressively withdrawn.

– Local community campaigners, faced with the prospect of an opencast coalsite being opened or extended right on their doorstep, no doubt rightly think ‘No opencast coal – here!’

But there are other perspectives and points of view. Some will be concerned about the local employment that opencast provides. Some will believe that the eventual move towards zero carbon electricity generation needs to be balanced with the requirements of energy security and affordable power.

So LAON understands that not everyone will agree with the idea of ‘No Opencast Coal!’ We will always be happy to discuss and debate the merits of the case for and against opencast, based on what the evidence reveals about its environmental, social and financial viability.