Greenpeace: Amber Rudd’s coal projections don’t add up

25th July 2015: Greenpeace’s EnergyDesk are reporting this:

“The government’s promise to dramatically to reduce the use of coal in the next few years is based on projections that just don’t add up. Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has appeared to commit the government to reducing the amount of power the UK gets from coal from 25% today to just 1% by 2025, with the gap largely filled by renewables and nuclear.

“… That prediction, however is based on overly-optimistic forecasts that rely on the carbon price floor (a 2011 tax placed on industries using fossil fuels for electricity generation) rising to £78 by 2030 — and making coal production uneconomical.

But back in 2014 the government froze the tax at £14 following pressure from the coal industry. Emails from DECC, obtained by Energydesk via Freedom of Information, show civil servants bluntly stating the governments projection will never be realised.”Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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