LAON’s Statement of Aims for changes in planning policies in England, Scotland and Wales

LAON argues that there should be a closer correspondence between Climate Change policies aimed at reducing the risk of Climate Change and National Planning Policies. To this end LAON seeks the following changes in National Planning Policies:

  • Firstly, applicants should have to agree to provide a ‘Pre Payment Restoration Bond which would give effective control over the development of the site back to the planning authority. Under such a system, as proposed by Durham County council for the Bradley site. No new phase of the development could be started if the money to restore that phase of the development was in the hands of the planning authority.
  • Secondly, as part of national strategies to prevent climate change, the applicant would have to prove that the coal extracted would only be used by a facility /power station fitted with Carbon Capture and Storage Technology.
  • Thirdly, applicants would have to prove that the short term economic benefits of surface mining the coal fully outweigh the social costs of causing pollution, funding climate mitigation measures and the costs phentermine falling on the NHS of air pollution which contributes to the cost of treating chronic illness conditions and up to 1600 annual estimated premature deaths in the UK from burning coal for power generation purposes.
  • Fourthly all UK citizens should benefit from the same level of protection from the risk of opencast mining by having implemented an effective 500 meter buffer zone surrounding all new opencast coal sites as suggest in Andrew Bridgen’s ‘500m Buffer Zone Bill’ .
  • Lastly the clauses in previous planning guidance on there being a presumption against opencast mining should be reinserted into planning guidance.