News: What Amber Rudd’s speech has to say about coal

The speech is here:

“But in the supply of electricity, with falling margins, there’s a greater challenge. I am confident the steps we’ve taken alongside National Grid and Ofgem will ensure the security of supply in the next few years. But, frankly, it cannot be satisfactory for an advanced economy like the UK to be relying on polluting, carbon intensive 50-year-old coal-fired power stations.

Let me be clear: this is not the future. We need to build a new energy infrastructure, fit for the 21st century.” …Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

“To set an example to the rest of the world, the UK also has to focus on where we can get the biggest carbon cuts, swiftly and cheaply. That is hard to do when, after 20 years of action on climate change, 30% of our electricity still comes from unabated coal.streaming The Shack

One of the greatest and most cost-effective contributions we can make to emission reductions in electricity is by replacing coal fired power stations with gas. For centuries coal has played a central role in our energy system. But it’s the most carbon intensive fossil fuel and damages air quality. Gas produces half the carbon emissions of coal when used for power generation.

Unabated coal is simply not sustainable in the longer term. In an ideal world, the carbon price provided by the ETS would phase out coal for us using market signals. But it’s not there yet.

So I want to take action now. I am pleased to announce that we will be launching a consultation in the spring on when to close all unabated coal-fired power stations. Our consultation will set out proposals to close coal by 2025 – and restrict its use from 2023.

If we take this step, we will be one of the first developed countries to deliver on a commitment to take coal off the system. But let me be clear, we’ll only proceed if we’re confident that the shift to new gas can be achieved within these timescales.”